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Wellness Courses

Social and Emotional Wellness

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In this Course, parents learn that they have a dual role to play in raising a self-aware, respectful child who knows how to manage decisions and resolve conflicts non-violently. 

Strategies include:


  1. Creating a home environment of trust, respect and support.

  2. Creating a climate that supports social and emotional learning - in and out of the classroom.


This course includes guest speakers (identified experts in the field) who speak to parents about strategies for nurturing emotionally intelligent children. Additionally, parents learn best practices in managing stress strategies

Health and Wellness

The purpose of this course is to promote a Healthy Lifestyle to maintain the body and mind in an adequate manner in relation to mental health, nutrition, physical activity and health prevention.

Parents will learn how to use their clinic/hospital's Health Portal to review their records, make appointments, and obtain prescriptions.

We will address issues related to systemic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and Stress, Oral Health. They will learn what their causes and prevention are and we will promote activities to avoid them and improve our quality of life.

Family health and well-being includes multiple factors that must be considered in order to enjoy an emotionally and physically healthy family. They will learn various tips that will promote sports and correct nutrition for the good development of each member of the family and with this the prevention of systemic diseases.

Healthy Food
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