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Financial Literacy

Accountant at Work

Financial Literacy I 

The Financial Literacy Class is intended to provide parents with essential money management skills that include: budgeting, smart spending, borrowing, credit and FICO scores, buying power, banking and saving, tax-advantaged college savings programs including the 529 plan. Additionally, the course guides parents on how to set financial goals and understand various savings and jump start lending programs.

Financial Literacy II

Financial Literacy 2 is designed for those students who have completed Financial Literacy I. The course teaches an intermediate approach to money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, giving and more. This course is designed to introduce participants to intermediate financial literacy skills to help them make responsible financial decisions. Advance concepts covered include an in depth financial planning. Best practices in opening and using online banking, advance credit repair, home/auto/personal loans, wages and taxes, investments and insurances.

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