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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy I

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The Digital Literacy I class is intended to teach program participants the solid foundation in Basic Computer Skills, Video Conferencing Software, Classroom Management Software, Gmail, Google Apps, Internet, Search Engines, E-Safety, Telehealth, Online Job search and online College pathways. Participants learn the fundamentals of basic computer skills and best practices in navigation the Internet, school district parent portal and utilizing parental control software. The digital literacy program helps participants learn, acquire and familiarize themselves with the skills necessary to help their children with school work by utilizing online tools.

Digital Literacy II

This Digital Literacy 2 course is intended for parents to be able to distinguish the characteristics and capabilities of the different computing devices to choose the most convenient for their family, according to their needs and financial situation. By taking this class parents will learn to use the most common Google applications used by their children: Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Parents will learn to use and develop various activities including resume and letter writing, creating budgets, planning sheets, and designing presentations.
To complement this level, parents will be able to do basic maintenance tasks on a computing device, identify and install and run free antivirus software on their computer.

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Digital Literacy III

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This Digital Literacy 3 course is designed for parents who already have an understanding of basic computing tools or have taken Digital Literacy I and/or II. Our goal is to teach parents to design and create a website in a simple way to apply them to any topic of their choice.
Parents will get more computer-savvy by learning how to create forms to administer surveys, use Google Calendar to quickly schedule events and share it with people of interest.
With the previously acquired knowledge they will be able to learn to use the advanced functions of Google applications (Docs, Slides, Sheets).
They will learn advanced options of their browser and thus configure their privacy, security and screen design, as well as the management of different Apps to help in the good school development of their children.

Digital Literacy IV

This Digital Literacy 4 course is designed for parents to learn the digital skills necessary to be able to manage applications that help optimize tasks and activities through the preparation of documents, databases, spreadsheets, and the creation of animated sequences. The primary purpose of the class is to help adults prepare a business plan and /or apply to jobs that require such digital skills. Participants will learn how to use platforms that help them create, design, and develop a startup business website and social media presence.

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