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Additional Courses

Soap Store Owner

Small Business Development

In this course, Parents will learn to define a new business idea or expand an existing one. Anticipate first steps on establishing a small business, the basics on how to register a business in California. Parents will determine which legal business entity is best suited for individual participants, establish product and service prices correctly and understand key components of site selection. They will be able to differentiate and therefore choose between brick and mortar vs home business, learn marketing strategies and understand financial statements and projections.

Pathway to College

During this Pathway to College course parents will learn the guidance, and support tools, to best help high school students and/or themselves (any college applicant), prepare for lifelong success.
Education is key to lifelong success. Attending college not only opens doors for more job opportunities, but will increase financial stability for that individual.
Our goal is to assist families and students, become knowledgeable in the college applicant process, and increase successful graduate rates. We encourage strengthening students’ ability to not only gain admission to, but also succeed in college.

Blue Pathway
Doing Homework

Parenting and Social Media

In this course parents will be able to learn and earn the tools to help their family create boundaries and social media understanding, for their children not only survive, but thrive in their use of technology.
The goal of the course is for parents to be able to be safe, yet savvy, while using social media platforms and guide their children in the same way.

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